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Kings in the community.

Community support is a King family tradition.

As Michael explains: “You’re a product of your parents. My mum and dad were very active in the community, as were my grandparents. It goes back generations; it’s part of our DNA.”

Today, the new generation honours this tradition with commitment and action.

“It’s about what we can do to help people have really positive experiences while they live in Geelong,” says Beth King. “We’re not just involved when somebody dies, it’s about being involved with the organisations that make this a great place to live – a part of life here.”

“In some ways being actively involved in the community is just an extension of our work – it’s just helping out in a different way.” — Michael King

And it’s not just about dollars and donations. The Kings family have given freely of their time and talents, serving in public office and as active contributors to numerous boards and committees.

They are recognised as trusted people you can turn to. As Louise King points out: “People expect us to help out – and from our point of view it’s nice to be in the community that way.”

Download the Kings Activity Book – 3rd Edition

Kings Funerals Activity Book Third Edition

Please click here to download our Activity Book.

Kings helps support Geelong through these and other organisations:

  • The Give Where You Live ‘BIG’ program (Businesses Investing in Geelong)
  • Open House Geelong
  • Hope Bereavement Care
  • BacLinks
  • Geelong Performing Arts Centre
  • Geelong Cricket Club
  • North Geelong Football Club
  • Grovedale Tennis Club
  • Belmont Bowls Club
  • Costa House
  • St Joseph’s Cricket Club
  • Geelong City Cricket Club
  • Word for Word Non-Fiction Festival
  • Ocean Grove Football Netball Club
  • Ocean Grove Bowls Club

Please contact us by phone or through the Contact Us section of this website if you wish to discuss opportunities for supporting your organisation.