Pre-paid funerals — the benefits of planning ahead.

Planning ahead always makes good sense – and that’s especially true with funerals.

Your funeral plan enables you to record your wishes about the nature of your service. This can be of great assistance to surviving family and friends and can help ensure that your funeral reflects your personality.

Financial good sense

With a Kings Pre-paid Funeral, you purchase at today’s prices.  Then, no matter how prices may have increased over time, Kings will provide the funeral for the price that you originally paid. The amount that can be invested in a funeral bond is $13,250 as at 1 July 2019. There is no limit to the amount that can be invested in a fixed price funeral contract.

A Funeral bond can help preserve your pension entitlements

Due to recent legislation, the pensions rate reduces by $3.00 per fortnight for every $1,000 of assets you own over the allowed limit. As a result, $10,000 in extra assets reduces your pension by $30 per fortnight. A funeral bond or pre-paid funeral is one way to reduce your current assets and help protect your Centrelink pension entitlements.

Memories Matter – Record your personal wishes

Completing this booklet gives you, and your family, the peace of mind in knowing that the funeral will be carried out to your wishes.

Once you have completed this booklet return it to 130 Bellarine Highway, Newcomb, VIC 3219.
We will record your wishes and return the booklet to you to keep in a secure place with your other valuable documents. Alternatively, email to

Download your booklet



“ This is a time when people seek peace of mind that what they want to happen will happen. ” — Julie Spriggs

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